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Lawyer Turned Real Estate Agent - Why?

October 17, 2016


We all have a story . . . people tell me i'm crazy . . . “But Chris you are a lawyer why would you want to sell real estate?” People defined me by my job and education, "you're a lawyer", which is something I think we all experience in life. My response “What is crazier than waking up every morning with the feeling that you are not happy with where your career is going, that there is something missing, something more you can be doing, something that your passionate about.”


We all have our reasons for not following our passions, not enough money, too much risk in changing jobs, too old to change careers, what will my family think, what will my friends think. Are they reasons? or are they just excuses we tell ourselves because we are afraid of the unknown, afraid of what people will think. We all have a burning desire to be happy in life that is constantly being suppressed by our own self-doubts, insecurities and social stereotypes that surround us.


This is how I felt for a long time, until I decided that enough was enough. Time is too precious to be spent doing anything other than what makes us happy. Since the age of 16 I was attracted to real estate, picking up garbage at a Vaughan shopping center, at 18 a construction laborer, at 21 a summer job with brick layers, at 22 law school focusing on real estate, at 25 a real estate lawyer. My experiences brought me to where I am today, and I am proud of it, but something was missing, the fire and excitement to work, the passion and desire to do better.


My passion for real estate propelled me to become a real estate salesperson and it is with that burning desire that I am going to help my clients achieve massive change in their life through real estate. Change is fundamental for an individual’s wellbeing. With over 13 years of real estate experience it has now become my mission to use my story, my experience in real estate, to not only assist people with the biggest changes in their lives, but also to educate, advise and help clients reach their full potential through real estate.


As a lawyer I noticed a gap in the real estate sales market, “Why are so many people unsatisfied with their real estate agents?” or “Why do so many people get “Commission Shock” when closing their deal?” "I didn't hear from my agent again once my home was sold", I would often hear. These experiences create anger, distrust, and a feeling of being duped. The experience of selling a person’s home does not end when the commission is paid but only begins. Whether its advice about what room to renovate, a referral for a local contractor, or just to talk about real estate in general, its these value added services that people look for in their real estate salesperson.


My mission is to be become a “Change Agent”, someone who acts as a catalyst for change in an industry fraught with problems. Join me on this mission of becoming a “Change Agent” for the industry, allow me to use my experience to assist you in making the “Massive Change” you have been looking for, let’s demand more from our real estate agents and never settle for someone who believes the job is done when the commission is paid.


Thank you for listening to my story. Follow my blog if you are as passionate about real estate as I am. I will be writing about the real estate market in general, real estate concepts, and the communities I will be serving like Vaughan, Bolton, King City, and Nobleton.


Follow me on this journey and feel free to call me if you have real estate questions, I would love to speak with you. 


Thank you for reading and for following.


Christopher Cerone.

Sales Representative

Remax Premier Inc., Brokerage

(416) 987-8000



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