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5 Ways To Save This Winter

February 18, 2017


It’s cold outside, Parkas are out of hibernation, kids are bundled up like mummies, your physiotherapist is happy because shoveling tweaked your back and your car battery died because it’s just too cold, ahhhhh the joys of winter.


With colder nights on the horizon, the wife turning up the heat when you’re not looking because she's frozen, and Kathleen Wynne raising hydro costs with the new cap and trade program, well this is just the beginning my friends.


In the spirit of trying to save money, I thought it could prove useful to give you some money saving tips to keep your wallet from freezing over this winter. 



1. Lower Your Thermostat A Few Degrees At Night


Easier said than done right? Now obviously we don’t want our loved ones to freeze, but when everyone is sleeping, let’s say between the hours of 2:00 am and 5:00 am, program your thermostat to turn down two degrees to save on energy costs. Rule of thumb is that you can save roughly 3% on your heating bill every degree you lower your temperature. Test it out and see how much you can save.


To make things easier for you, you can also purchase a new thermostat like a Nest or Ecobee to help you save money when no one is home. They are self-programmable and learn your every move as you come and go. You can also save some money when buying one as Enbridge is providing rebates to people who buy one of their approved thermostats. Visit their webpage to learn more about the rebate program before making the decision to buying one: http://en.knowyourenergyscore.ca/smart-thermostats/



2. Shave A Minute Off Shower Time


Not a morning person? Do you enjoy a hot shower just as much as your cup of joe? I enjoy a hot shower on a cold morning just as much as anyone else, but I am also guilty of day dreaming like I’m under a hot waterfall in Mexico. Shaving a minute or two off shower time will not only save you money on natural gas but also on water. Think hot showers wake you up in the morning, take an ice cold shower for 60 seconds to shock your body in the morning and see how fast you wake up. Cold showers are not only a good source for waking up but has been linked to improving immunity and circulation, stimulates weight loss, and refine your hair and skin. So it can save you money and also do your body good. It takes some time to get used to but trust me it worth the shiver.



3. Open Your Shades On Sunny Winter Days


Opening your shades during the day allows sunlight to enter your home a warm it up and it also allows your furnace to take a coffee break and blow off some gas,  . . . I mean steam. Natural sunlight has also been said to kill dust in the air and provide our bodies with needed Vitamins. Plus, you paid good money for those shades put them to use, get your money’s worth by opening and closing them in the winter.

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4. Reduce Your Water Heater Temperature


Ever turn on the water only for it to burn you. Your hot water tank is heating water to a temperature that you will never use, unless your frozen wife needs to thaw out a little. Turning down the heating temperature of your hot water tank will save you money on gas or electricity consumption which will put more money in your pocket. Those of you who have a tank less water heater, well aren’t you an energy efficient fancy pants. Tank less water heaters are a fantastic way to save money by not heating water that sits in a tank but only on demand when water is needed. For those of us with hot water tanks, turn the knob at the bottom of your water heater to a good temperature. Don’t know how? watch this youtube video to learn more: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=klaeTqH3eWE



5. Be Smart About Dishwashing


You finish having dinner, clear the dishes and put them in the dishwasher, notice its half full and think you might as well turn it on right? WRONG . . . See your wife won’t complain because you are finally doing the dishes. Running a dishwasher that is not full is a waste of water and electricity. Do you fill up your gas tank when its half full? Nope, so cut your dishwashing usage by only running it when its full and you will also save some money on those dishwashing Pods, because they are not cheap.


These are just some of the many money saving tips that are out there. If you are going to get through this Winter, why not get through it with more money in your pocket. You work hard for your money, so why not work a little harder to keep it.


Let me know about your money saving tips below I am sure you have some crazy ideas up your sleeve.



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